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SAP GUI 7.70 Preview: They will know me as Quartz

Good news for you fanatics of SAP GUI! SAP will release SAP GUI 7.70 in September 2020! Right now the new SAP GUI 7.70 is under Beta Program so you can test the new version as a limited group of testers if you were fast enough for joining the program.

SAP GUI 7.70 New Features

I promise I will do a full test of the new SAP GUI version once is available for everyone but in the meantime let me give you some information about the new version:

  • SAP GUI 7.70 will be released in September 2020. It will be supported by SAP until April 2nd 2024.
  • SAP GUI 7.60 is still under maintenance until April 12th 2022. SAP GUI 7.40 and 7.50 is not under maintenance, the restricted support for the last version ended in March 31st 2020.
  • The new visual theme is Quartz! Which is basically an adaptation of Fiori 3.0 to a SAP GUI theme. Quartz is the successor of Belize but I’m not sure if Belize will disappear as an included theme in the new version. We don’t have an image of the new theme in SAP GUI 7.70 but you can see Quartz on a Web UI:
Quartz Theme on Fiori 3.0
  • Requirements for using the new Quartz theme are a bit higher than requirements for Belize, Corbu, etc. Infact we will need at least 1GB physical memory:
HW Requirements for using Quartz Theme

  • SAP GUI HTML Control allows to use Edge as alternative browser instead the traditional MS Internet Explorer. Not sure if there will be any different when using one or another web browser. Before we needed to install MS Internet Explorer before installing SAP GUI, now we will have the option of using Edge as alternative browser.
Web Browser requirements for SAP GUI
  • SAP GUI 7.70 will support multi-monitor-scaling. So basically you can work with SAP GUI on multiple monitors having it expended to multiple monitors at the same time instead of being limited to one monitor.
  • NWRFC Controls include a 64bit version. Will be able to use SAP GUI addons as BEx Analyzer with SAP MS Office 64 bit? As far as I understand it should be possible as the included libraries will be for both 32bit and 64bit architectures. I’m really surprise this didn’t happen before…

Interesting SAP GUI Notes and links

I leave you some literature related to SAP GUI before finishing for today:

Again, I promise I will do a full review in September. Stay safe out there!

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