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Preparing the SAP Cloud Consultant Interview

Preparing the SAP Cloud Consultant Interview

Quick update since I don’t have a lot of time lately. During my 2019 job hunting experience I made up a list of links and documents that I used in order to prepare my interviews. The following links contains information you can use for preparing yourself for an interview related to SAP Cloud Consultant or SAP Basis Consultant.

I wrote initially SAP Cloud Consultant since that was the title of several positions I applied but at the end of the day they were SAP Basis positions with some project managing / architect skills. There are a lot of links/documents that are basic knowledge on IT but it is always good to read again and refresh your knowledge. The picture I posted as featured image is from one of my study sessions while I was applying for multiple positions. I plan to write a post about job hunting in the US for SAP Basis positions with tips and tricks that you can follow.

Please feel free to ask me about the resources or send me more links if you want me to add them to the list.

Project Management

Technical Aptitude

Basic documents

Public Cloud Migration Process and Considerations

Infrastructure fundamentals

SAP Cloud

SAP Fundamentals






Cloud Technologies

Architecture Design

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