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I’m back! Sorry guys for the lack of news during the last 2 months but there has been a lot of changes in my life lately (wedding, honeymoon, position change, etc). If you accessed lately to the blog you probably realized about the new privacy policy I activated. I didn’t send an email to my subscribers mainly because I don’t keep personal data from them so as far as I know there is no need to notify it. And let’s be honest, you probably received thousands of emails lately because the GDPR and privacy policies changes…

GDPR Comic
GDPR Comic

I know that you probably feel like the guy in the image, right? I’ve been reading the GPDR emails for the last weeks and it seems it won’t stop. I’m quite sure that you read the emails, right? Because it is the perfect time to realize how much data we share on the Internet without knowing it…

For those of you working on GDPR projects, congratulations if you finished on time! If you are still working on the project remember, in the meanwhile you can do as LA Times and block the access to users connection from European countries:

LA Times blocking European users
LA Times blocking European users

I wish I could be in the same meeting as their IT guys when they decided to block the access…  By the way, GDPR was released two years ago and the deadline was set for 25th May 2018 in 2016! This is not something new, in fact it is quite interesting to see how all the affected companies delayed the GDPR adoption until the last moment.

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