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SAP buys PLAT.ONE: Welcome to the IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT), a wonderful term created on 1982 which evolved until the present. It started with a Coke machine that was modified in order to connect to Internet and send data about its inventory. Now millions of devices are connected to the Internet, sending information and talking between them.

Considering how this term has became so important during this years, SAP announced that they bought PLAT.ONE, the leading IoT Solution Platform. The idea is to integrate PLAT.ONE into Hana Cloud Platform (HCP), enabling the rapid development of IoT environment. You can read a little bit about the acquisition by SAP here.

This is acquisition is part of the $2B investment in a five-year plan is to to extend its reach into the internet of things. Welcome to the SAP Internet of Things, we are watching you…

A little bit about PLAT.ONE

PLAT.ONE allows us to easily create and maintain IoT applications and services:

  • Device connectivity across a wide number of industry standards machine and messaging protocols.
  • Pre-built solutions for a huge number of different IoT use cases.
  • A micro-services-based adaptive architecture that can adapt to run logic on the device
PLAT.ONE Application Platform
PLAT.ONE Application Platform

The solutions they provide are the following ones:

  • PRODUCT.ONE: Rapid provisioning and management of connected products for home and commercial use.
  • VEND.ONE: Turn vending machines into business tools
  • DATA.ONE: Monitor and control environmental  conditions, send or recieve alarms and analyze data.
  • CITY.ONE: Smart Parking, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, etc.
  • METER.ONE: Control and monitoring of distributed gas, electricity and water.
  • TRANSPORT.ONE: Managing of large transportations and shipping operations.
  • HEALTH.ONE: Data analysis in the healthcare industry.
  • mPERS.ON: Secure and flexible Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) solutions.
  • VISION.ONE: Complete and high performance video analytics application.

As you can see the number and scope of the solutions is quite big, covering a different fields and markets. If you want more information you can visit they web page of see this video about how PRODUCT.ONE works. You can also see a demo of their platform in the following video

How it will work in SAP HCP

I’m quite curious about the possibilities of PLAT.ONE once it is integrated into SAP HCP. It is a huge step and it says a lot about SAP future plans. Several years ago they said that HCP is not just a Cloud application, it will be an important key in every SAP Landscape. We will see how it works, right now the only thing I can say is that SAP HCP is getting bigger and bigger and it is overcoming any other Cloud Platform available in the market speaking from the SAP side.

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