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Blade Server

SAP DB 101: DB2 Backup Performance

One of the problems that I usual find on SAP Systems running with DB2 is the performance of the full backup. Unfortunately this is one of the topics that is most difficult to find information about. Of course we can find information about the backup buffer size, parallelism, backup devices performance, etc. But sometimes the […]

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SAP Tuning

SAP Performance 101: Improving ABAP Code

A few days ago I received the SAP Community Voice Newsletter in my email. I recommend you signing in SAP newsletters since they have really interesting articles about different topics. Anyway I found in the newsletter a really interesting article about improving ABAP code performance that I totally recommend to read: How To Improve Your […]

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Source Code

Detailed system information on Linux with sapsysinfo

You probably are familiar with this topic if you had a problem related to a SAP system running on Linux operating system. SAP released long time ago the SAP Note¬†618104 – “sapsysinfo” – Compiling system information on Linux.¬†This SAP note contains a script for Linux named sapsysinfo that gather a lot of information of the […]

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Engine Parts

SAP Performance 101: World War Z

I been doing performance analysis for SAP systems for a while. After this time it’s quite easy to do an initial check so I quickly know what could be the issue causing the performance problem. In case of custom code (also know as Z code) the issues usually are the same ones again and again. […]

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