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SAP Webinars available in the SAP Support Portal

A sort post before starting the weekend! Maybe you have extra free time during this weekend so this is a good idea. During the last months SAP performed a series of webinars about important aspects of the Basis Administration. The good thing is that the recorded sessions can be found in the SAP Support Portal. Just follow these steps in order to watch the sessions and learn a little bit more about each webinar:

  • Go to the Support Portal and log into the Knowledge Base Search.
  • Search with the key word WEBINAR and filter by the component BC* (Basis Components).
Webinars available for the BC Component in the SAP Support Portal
Webinars available for the BC Component in the SAP Support Portal

You can also filter by a different component since there are webinars about CRM, SolMan, etc. In my opinion some of the most interesting webinars are:

I leave you the videos for the first two webinars in case you don’t have and OSS account:

  • Recorded session for webinar “Understanding and Troubleshooting SAP Memory Management”:
  • Recorded session for webinar “Understanding SAP Startup Framework”:

Let me know if you are interested in a specific topic and you don’t have access to the SAP Support Portal, I will take a look and see what I can get. Have a happy weekend!

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