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Checking the SAP Java key phrase and more

The last weeks I have been working on a project migrating SAP system to new hosts on Azure. Lot of the tasks of this project involve system installation and system copy from the old infrastructure to the new one.  So it should be no surprise that I have to do a system copy of a SAP Netweaver system with Java stack. If you have installed a Java stack you would remember the step where the SWPM asks for the key phrase. Please raise your hand how many of you keep that key phrase with the rest of your passwords or how many of you write that key phrase in the installation manual. Unfortunately you need this key phrase when doing a system copy and I could tell you it is a big pain in the ass changing it.

I was looking for a way to test the key phrase in a system before doing the system copy when I found the sltools folder in the global directory.

Having fun with Java system copies

First of all don’t confuse this sltools with the SL Tools (Software Logistics Toolset). It seems that this sltools folder are part of the SL Toolset and some of the scripts on the folders are used during certain operations related to the Java stacks. The folder is located in the folder /sapmnt/SID/global/ and in the folder /usr/sap/SID/SYS/global. It is in both folders since the folder /usr/sap/SID/SYS/global is a soft link to /sapmnt/SID/global. Inside you can find the following files:

sltools folder content
sltools folder content

I tried to find some information about all the files but it was not easy. Apparently there are no SAP Notes explaining each of the files so I have to look for myself:

  • checkKeyPhrase: The file I used for solving my problem. This script leave you check the key phrase against the Java system from the command line.  As you can see in the following screenshot it is really easy to use the script.

  • jexport_time,  jimport_time and jtime_join: It is used to analyzing the export/import time during homogeneous system copies.
  • jmigmon_export and Java migration monitor for monitoring the unload and load process during the system copy.
  • jsplitter: Java splitter used for expliting the EXPORT.XML and IMPORT.XML in smaller packaged, extracting large tables into their own packages or splitting tables into smaller packages. It is used during the system copy.
  • systemHistory: Shows information of the SAP system such as SID, DB SID, DB type, etc. I guess that if you do a system copy of the system the information shown by this command will be updated.

There are also some PDF files inside the folder that work as guide for certain commands in case you need them. You can find more information about the processes involving this tools in SAP Help for System Copy.

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