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SL Toolset

SAP SL Toolset SP20: SWPM now in Fiori flavour!

SAP released a new Support Package for the Software Logistics Toolset 1.0. As you may know, the Software Logistics Toolset contains tools as Software Update Manager (SUM), Database Migration Option (DMO) and Software Update Manager (SWPM). These tools are used to installing, updating, upgrading, etc. different SAP products. The most interesting thing on this SP […]

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Engine Parts

SAP Performance 101: World War Z

I been doing performance analysis for SAP systems for a while. After this time it’s quite easy to do an initial check so I quickly know what could be the issue causing the performance problem. In case of custom code (also know as Z code) the issues usually are the same ones again and again. […]

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SAP Upgrade Banner

SAP Maintenance Planner: Bye bye MOPz

2017 started with a wonderful new related to Solution Manager: The Maintenance Optimizer (MOPz) is no longer under maintenance! Do not get me wrong, I like the concept behind MOPz but it had a lot of issues.One of the most important issues is related to the technical definition of the system once you transfer the […]

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